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The most popular Cairo tours you shouldn’t miss when you visit Egypt with Egypt day tours Coptic islamic old cairo tour Old Cairo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the city which is very famous for its historical monuments, ancient buildings and monuments.Coptic Islamic Old Cairo Tour is one of the most sought after […]
Aswan Nubian City A city on the south western edge of the Nile River, Aswan is southern Egypt’s largest commercial and strategic gateway. It includes important archaeological sites such as the Philae temple  close to the landmark Aswan Dam, and on Agilkia island. Philae’ ruins also include the Temple of Isis, built in the Second […]
Egypt is the largest country in North Africa and a wonderful place to spend your New year holiday with family or  friends. The people in Egypt are warm and welcoming and there are many things you can do together. One thing that you need to make sure you do is get yourself organised before you leave for […]
Why book your holiday with Egypt day tours
Booking your holidays in Egypt is a great way to explore and visit this amazing country and there are many places you can choose from so the main question is Why book your holiday with Egypt Day Tours ? Quality and variety services The reason why we have come to represent the services we provide […]
Places to visit in Egypt
Ancient Egypt Travel vacation Cairo, Luxor, Abu Simbel and many other locations have a huge appeal to Egypt travelers . You can choose to stay in a hotel in any of these places or plan your own accommodation. This is one of the most popular travel destinations for many people on holiday. If you are […]
Cairo tour package
Egypt Location Egypt an ancient country connecting northeast Africa with the rest of the Middle East, has long been a popular tourist destination. Egypt is located on the Gulf of Suez and bordering the Mediterranean Sea, dates back to the era of the legendary pharaohs, from the 15th to the seventh centuries B.C. Millions of […]
Great Pyramid of Giza tour
Where to Stay when you Visit Cairo ? If you’re planning to spend a night in Cairo, Egypt, then there are a number of options that can help you save money and time. Egypt day tours Consultant will help you to find the best place you can stay when you visit Cairo.   Cairo has […]
Egypt Tours from Australia
Egypt Tour Package from Australia Egypt day tours offer the best tours to Egypt from Australia. We have the expertise and the skills to make your trip from Australia to Egypt an unforgettable experience. This is why we have been receiving a large number of tours’ requests lately from Australians who wish to explore the […]
Egyptian Cuisine most famous dishes in Egypt
Egyptian Cuisine most famous dishes in Egypt Egyptian Cuisine Each country in the world has to be famous of at least on dish but when it comes to Egypt you will find many dishes you can enjoy it all this dishes cover pretty much all tastes whether you are vegetarian or carnivore at the Egyptian […]
Egypt entry visa
One of the main questions you think of when you plane to visit any country in the world . Can I get the visa at the airport once I arrive the country or should I get it before the arrival ? Egypt day tours Cinsultant will answer this question , Egypt is one of the […]

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