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Arrival at your accommodation in Alexandria. You will spend the rest of the day at
leisure exploring the surroundings and familiarizing yourself with the city.
P.S: Egypt Day Tour can arrange your transfer from any airport or location in
Egypt ( Please book in advance)

8 am
After breakfast at your accommodation, move in an air- conditioned vehicle to
start your adventure in Alexandria. In today’s Photography tour, we will go to
Fouad Street. From the Ptolemy’s to the Pashas, Fouad Street has always been
a witness to Alexandria’s momentous past. The street offers an outstanding
opportunity to explore a spot where the European architect dated back to the 19 th
and early 20 th centuries met with the authentic Egyptian one. A mixture where the
west meets the east in an exceptionally harmonized way. Spend the day visiting
different buildings and appreciate its exterior same as its interior while being
escorted by a local guide who will also share the historical background and
reason for such a mixture. We keep on exploring Fouad street till we reach Chez
Gapi restaurant which is one of the classic restaurants in Alexandria, a hidden
gem from the 60s times with few locals being aware of its history.

2 pm – 4 pm
After Lunch at “Chez Gabi”, the journey will take us to Kom El Dikka, which was a
well-off residential area in Greco-Roman times with lovely villas, bathhouses and
a theatre. The area was known as the Park of Pan, a pleasure garden where
citizens of Alexandria could indulge themselves in various ways. Do not miss the
chance to explore the sunken monuments pavilion which displays different
monuments that were lifted from the eastern harbor.

4:30pm – 6pm
We will continue our walk through Mahatet El Raml (The station of Raaml), which
is the old city center in Alexandria. Continue to Windsor Hotel. It is almost time
for tea time and cakes while witness a breathtaking view of the sunset over the
eastern harbor from the hotel Roof.
Later, you will move back to your hotel for dinner or you can opt for an
OPTIONAL dinner in a traditional Egyptian Grills restaurant.
Dinner at leisure. Overnight.

8am – 12pm
Enjoy some juice and a little bite and save your appetite for later. Today, you will
have a very traditional Alexandrian breakfast. We will take the double Decker bus
to Manshia Square, the central part of old Alexandria. Manshia originated as the
meeting place of consuls back in 1834. It hosts the statue of Mohamed Ali,
founder of Modern Egypt in the center of the square since 1871 and was the first
statue to be mounted in a public square in a Muslim city. Enjoy a standing
breakfast of several items that the locals eat for breakfast including the most
famous : Falafel and Fava beans. Having breakfast while standing in front of a
cart. Later enjoy black tea with mint in a local cafe. Our photography workshop
today is about street photography and how to capture amazing moments from
everyday life.
The streets of Manshia offer vivid and diverse choices of Markets, shops and
streets. We will spend time strolling in the market, capturing these moments and
truly get to present our own comprehension of the local culture via our lenses.
12:30pm – 5 pm
We will move in a traditional horse carriage along the seashore of Alexandria,
admiring the corniche street and the buildings along the coast until we reach the
Greek Club . It is time to indulge yourself with a delicious meal in this restaurant
that is still managed by members of the Greek community in Alexandria. The
restaurants has a spectacular view of the eastern harbor of Alexandria as well as
Qaitbay Citadel. After lunch, you will get to visit Qaitbay citadel, which was built
on the ruins of the ancient lighthouse. After finishing the fort, it will be time for a
walk in the old Turkish complex with the fish market street until your reach Abu

Eabass mosque which is considered one of the remarkable architectural
monuments in Alexandria with a Moorish style. Afterwards, capture the sunset by
the beachside and later take the double decker bus back to your hotel.

4 am 
Today we will have a very early start. After breakfast at your hotel, we will start
our journey to Edku. Edku is a town located east of Alexandria and overlooking
the Mediterranean Sea. It was one of the ancient cities of the Pharaonic era
within the province of "Ra Amenati", where many ancient pharaonic cities have
become uninhabited to be replaced. From early morning we will be witnessing
the fishermen preparing their boats, getting ready to commence with their fishing
expeditions. It is also a chance to witness the fish market sales and take photos
of the activities related to such professions. Hang around the local market as well
and watch the vegetable, fruits vendors. Feel free to interact with them or get to
try some delicious fresh fruits yourself.
For Lunch, we will move by vehicle to a countryside farm. Here you will have a
traditional countryside meal. After lunch you will have the opportunity to wander
around , take photos of the locals while they are preparing your meal, bake the
bread and much more. After some rest, we will move to our final visit in the day,
to a beekeeper farm. In this visit, you will learn about the bees, how they gather
honey , put on the protective suit and interact with the bees yourself. Later, you
will be escorted to your accommodation where you will have dinner and rest to
be prepared for another early adventure the following day.

At dawn, we will move towards the lake to capture the sunrise by the Edku lake.
A real breathtaking experience.

Enjoy a traditional countryside breakfast overlooking the lake. Continue exploring
around the lake and capture Nature photos. Later we will walk to the pier where
you can take a boat and explore the Maadyia lake of Edku. Being. In the lake,
you will have another opportunity to admire the surrounding nature. After the boat
journey, we will stroll to the local market till we reach the restaurant for our local
lunch. After lunch, you will have ample time to wander on your own.
Back to your hotel for overnight.

Check out & Transfer to Lake Mariout area. Lake Mariout area offers you a
chance to explore the Bedouin tribes. Enjoy a tour in a toktok (the 3 wheeled
transportation) as today you will get to spend your time in the area where the
local Bedouins tribe reside. Spend time with some local Bedouins over a tea
break. You will also get to walk around in the local market and help choosing the
ingredients for your home made lunch which will be prepared upon your return to
the hosting home. After lunch, return back to your hotel and enjoy the rest of the
evening. Overnight in King Mariout.

Spend the whole day by the Mariout Lake where you have several options to
enjoy a kayak ride in the lake, go fishing or enjoy a cultural interaction with the
local fishermen. Lake Mariout is a great opportunity for kayaking in a calm
atmosphere. By sunset, if you are interested, an optional horse riding trip to a
location where you would have Bedouin Bar B.Q dinner.

Departure after breakfast.
P.S: ِEgypt Day Tours can assist in transferring you to either the airport or any
other location you are heading to in Egypt at a supplement.

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