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Arrival at your accommodation in Alexandria. You will
spend the rest of the day at leisure exploring the
surroundings and familiarizing yourself with the city.
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airport or location in Egypt ( Please book in advance)

8am – 5pm
In today’s adventure, you will cycle through the downtown in
Alexandria, get through Route A, the historic streets and
buildings in Fouad street. Fouad street was one of the oldest
streets in Alexandria that dates back to the establishment of the
city in Alexander the Great’s Era. The street has been a centric
spot throughout the whole history. At the entrance of the street,
you will get to see the remaining part of Alexandria city wall.
Your next stop will be the National Museum of Alexandria which
hosts valuable artifacts from different Eras: not only Pharaonic
time, but Greek, Roman, Coptic as well as Islamic time. After
the museum , you will continue the journey in Fouad street with
the spectacular buildings on both sides. This route will
eventually take you to the Roman Amphitheatre of Alexandria
and the exhibition of the sunken monuments. Now it will be time
for Lunch and the area where you are is one of the oldest parts
of Alexandria. Enjoy a traditional lunch
Overnight in Alexandria.

In today’s adventure, you will cycle through the downtown
Alexandria, get through Route B . This Route will take you
along the corniche, the main street in Alexandria. You will start
with the visit to Alexandria Library. the New Library of
Alexandria is located very close to where the original Royal
Library of Alexandria was located once before. With the
destruction of the old Library in Alexandria, the world lost a
significant amount of knowledge. It had always been a dream
shared by various people to re-establish back the Library of
Alexandria. The New Library of Alexandria is also home to four
art galleries for temporary exhibitions; fifteen permanent
exhibitions; a planetarium and four different museum . The
Antiquities Museum which is one of the few museums in the
world that displays artifacts discovered at the self-same
location; The Manuscripts Museum, Sadat Museum and History
of Science Museum. After the Library, you will cycle your way
by the seaside where you will pass by the Memorial for
unknown soldiers. This was built by the Italian community in
Alexandria during the monarchy in the late 18th century.
Continue till we reach the Greek Club . It is time to indulge
yourself with a delicious meal in this restaurant that is still
managed by members of the Greek community in Alexandria.
The restaurant has a spectacular view of the eastern harbor of
Alexandria as well as Qaitbay Citadel.
After lunch, you will get to visit Qaitbay citadel which was built
on the ruins of the ancient lighthouse. After finishing the fort, it
will be time for a walk in the old Turkish complex with the fish
market street until your reach Abu elabass mosque, which is
considered one of the remarkable architectural monuments in
Alexandria with a Moorish style. Back to your hotel.

In today’s adventure, you will cycle through downtown
Alexandria, get through Route C : you will start your cycling
adventure today to the Eastern part of Alexandria all the
way to the Montazah Gardens. This was the royal garden
where the palace of King Farouk, the last king in Egypt
history, was built. The garden itself has diverse flowers and
plants and would offer you a great opportunity to spend
some time in a calm atmosphere.
Later, move to visit Abuqir area which is the furthest
eastern point in Alexandria and was the location of the
ancient city of Canopus. Abuqir bay witnessed the famous
battle between Napoleon army and the British force led by
the famous Admiral Nelson. We will have lunch in a
restaurant overlooking the bay. After lunch, spend time
walking around the fishermen part in the harbor, enjoy
watching them producing their nets and boats. Feel free to
have a conversation, know more or even take part in their
daily activity.
Now we move to a different experience. It is time to visit a
local family in the region, spend the rest of the evening in a
traditional Alexandrian house and experience a home
cooked dinner with the family. Later, return to your hotel for

After breakfast transfer by air-conditioned vehicle to the King
Mariout area. This region has a diverse ethnography of those
who settled in the region from different backgrounds, especially
some Bedouin Tribes. Our first Lunch in the region will be in a
traditional Bedouin restaurant. Your guide will introduce you to
the Bedouin cuisine and special items you should not miss.
After lunch, feel free to try some of the optional activities you
can enjoy in the area; Kayaking, fishing and/or interacting with
the fishermen.
By the sunset, continue to cycle around the lake till you reach
the BBQ dinner site set by the Bedouins. Spend some time
with some local Bedouins over a tea break enjoying their
hospitality while dinner is being prepared. Overnight in Mariout.

Departure after breakfast.
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airport or any other location you are heading to in Egypt at a

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